A 2013 Reading Challenge – Teresa’s Reading Corner’s Audio Book Challenge

audiobookchallengeSo I’ll admit it. I utterly FAILED at the audio book challenge this year (THANKS 1Q84). Seriously it took me almost 7 months to finish 1Q84. With that massive audio book out-of-the-way I’m attempting this challenge again!  Thanks to Teresa’s Reading Corner for hosting the challenge again this year!

I’m signing up at the lowest level, also known as “flirting.”  This means my goal is to listen to and review 6 audio books.  If you too would like to sign up for this challenge click here.

Happy listening!


A 2012 Reading Challenge – Audio Book Challenge

2012 Audio Book Challenge Hosted by Teresa’s Reading Corner3rd reading challenge for 2012 will be……The Audio Book Challenge, hosted by Teresa’s Reading Corner!  I’m still fairly new to the whole audio book game, so I’m signing up for the “flirting” level, which equates out to 6 audio books for the year.

If you’d like to sign up for this challenge, you can find all the details here!