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aglogoI’m a book addict.  I love books in all shapes, forms, and styles.  Hardcover, paperback, or eBook.  You name it.  I’m addicted.  Since starting my blog I’ve made a conscious effort to attend more book signings not only to hear authors discuss their works, but to get my books signed!  There is nothing quite like being able to meet an author whose work you admire and then getting them to sign said work for you.  It’s truly a thrill.  With the advent of eReaders and eBooks I’ve found myself buying an eBook, learning that the author was coming to my bookstore, and buying a physical copy simply so I could have a book for signing!  Of course that means spending double the money on books, but I get a signed book and to me it’s worth it.

For those of you who may be unable to buy double books and/or stick with digital books only let me tell you about authorgraph!  Authorgraph offers eBook readers the ability to request author signatures on their eBooks!  You simply put in a request for the book and author of your choice (of what’s available) and send a note of what you’d like your dedication to read.  You will get back a PDF copy of the title page that you can add to your eReader. Voila! You have signed eBooks!  I know that I’ll be spending my weekend trying to get caught up with all my requests.  It’s a great FREE service that really allows just one more way to interact with your favorite authors.

Check it out here


11 thoughts on “Check This Out: Authorgraph

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  2. Hi! Thanks for discovering Authorgraph and for writing a blog post about the service.

    There are over 30,000 e-books from 6,000 authors available on Authorgraph. Currently you can search for your favorite authors or titles, browse authors by name or see the most popular titles. Other tools for finding your favorite books are coming soon including browsing by genre.

    I’d love to hear more of your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to explore a bit.

    Evan Jacobs, Founder

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Not being a book addict as you are I still like to have a good read, although I prefer paperback, it creates a strange sensation in me. Anyway, living in the place I do right now I don’t get to attend book signings of the authors whose work I like so this is a good find for me personally, thanks again.

  4. it is a nice concept I too have bought a few books just to have them signed but then I kind of like it that way as it makes those books special to me. When I got a kindle I stopped buying paper books to just read and only got eBook formats so my collection of actual book books is almost entirely signed.

  5. This is a really cool idea. I never knew it existed. But I have to agree with the other comments on here, holding an actual book (and seeing it on your shelf) is way more gratifying than a computer. Still… cool idea! 😉

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