2012 Relay For Life. Or, Why I’ve Been Missing

If you’ve noticed a lack of posts on the blog recently, as well as a lack of books completed, let me tell you why.  This Saturday, June 23rd, is Relay For Life.  What is Relay and why would it make me slack off on posting/reading you ask?  Well, Relay for Life is a 24 hour event sponsored by The American Cancer Society that raises money for cancer research.  I am one of three event chairs that run the event for the town I live in, Hamden, CT.

About three years ago I got involved with Relay and signed up to be a committee member to help out with registration.  Along with my friend Tracey, I was asked to become an event chair, responsible for overseeing the logistics and running of the event.  Because planning my wedding wasn’t enough (just kidding!) I said yes and jumped on board.  Fast forward three years and we’re approaching my last year as event chair.  In the past two years our event has raised over $200,000!  With cancer unfortunately being a major part of my life since I was a child, I use Relay as a way to give back and help raise money that can help prolong the lives of my family members as well as yours.

When I was a year old I lost my grandfather to colon/lung cancer.  At eighteen I lost my uncle and cousin to cancer.  When I was twenty my brother-in-law was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  I have an aunt that is currently being treated for leukemia (CLL).  I have another aunt who is a 20+ year skin cancer survivor.  I’ve lost family members to a slew of other cancers: brain, breast, lung, ovarian, etc.  You can clearly see why this event and fighting this disease are so very important to me.

My fellow staff bloggers Todd, Adam, and Jess are all helping me with this fight, and are on my fundraising team.  If any of you feel so inclined and would like to help us reach our goal of raising $2,500 by Saturday click here for our donation page. (I should also mention that Jess is one of the event’s Survivorship chairs and Todd is our finance chair!)

As the days to Saturday dwindle down I ask that you bear with me and accept my sincere apologies for not keeping up with you all!  This event takes a lot of out me planning and prepping-wise and I seem to put blinders on as the event gets closer.  Hopefully by next week the blog will be back, up and running at full speed again.  In the meantime, cross your fingers for me that we have a great event!

As always,

Happy Reading!


8 thoughts on “2012 Relay For Life. Or, Why I’ve Been Missing

  1. Very cool! I understand about having Cancer as a shadow in the family. Both my grandparents have been lost, but my aunt has fought off breast cancer. Thank you for what you do to help others for the future!

  2. I love this, I recently had a HUGE scare with cancer. Going in for what I thought was my gallbladder 3 weeks ago, I quickly found out it was not a mass the size of a golfball was behind my gallbladder. The word cancer was thrown around so often that it scared me. Having 5 kids I was terrified. We have a friend that has a little girl with Wilm’s Tumor and I thought. Not me, no way. 2 ultra sounds and 1 CT scan they have decided they don’t know what it is and they are going to remove it. Good news, nothing has spread and I will be OK. But we will not know if it is cancer till surgery. Cancer is scary
    Thank you for raising awarness and helping fight for such a great cause!!!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I miss my twitter friend:)

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