Read-A-Thon Hour 9, Mini Challenge #8

Here we are at hour nine – almost to double-digit hours!!! The challenge this hour is The Weird Sisters challenge hosted by the Just One More Thing blog!  The challenge is to tell how we share our love of books with our family and friends who live at a distance.

My blog is probably the best way that I share what books I’m loving/hating on with my family.  The majority of readers in my family follow my blog and therefore know my thoughts on everything!  When I come across amazing books though I usually send my family members emails telling them in a more gushy tone about the book and then offer to send them a copy!  My younger cousin Ally and her mom, my cousin Debbie are the ones I talk to about books the most!  I LOVE talking books with them!  I usually send them copies of the books I get for review so that we can discuss them at our next family get together! (Hi Ally and Debbie!)

Anyway – that is I spread the written word with my family and friends! How about you followers?

See you in hour 10! (AHHH DOUBLE DIGITS!)


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