Read-A-Thon Hour 8, Mini Challenge #7

Mini challenge #7 might be mine and Jess’s favorite of the day.  We were asked by Midnight Book Girl to “stage” a book, similar to what real estate agents do when trying to sell a house/apt/condo.  Since Jess and I both recently read One Day by David Nicholls we decided that we would pool our memories of the novel together and stage the book!

Items in the photo and explanations are below!

  1. Sombrero (all items are staged ON the Sombrero) – The main character Emma, works in a Mexican restaurant for a bunch of chapters.
  2. The Breakfast Club/The Mighty Ducks DVD’s – Represent the decades of the 80’s and 90’s.  The book takes place during these times.
  3. Eiffel Tower – As an ode to Emma’s time spent in France.
  4. Sunblock – An unforgettable beach vacation that Emma and Dexter take
  5. Peacock strand – An ode to Dex’s time spent in India
  6. Pen and paper – Emma’s favorite hobby was writing!
  7. Glasses – Unmistakable trademark of “early Emma”
  8. Cheese block and microphone – Represent Dex’s various occupations
  9. Mr. and Mrs frame – Well….we can’t give that away

The photo also has copies of both the book and film version of One Day.  We highly suggest reading the book first!

We’re off for another hour of reading. See you in hour 9!


3 thoughts on “Read-A-Thon Hour 8, Mini Challenge #7

  1. Cute… I like it! I have heard mixed reviews about the book ‘One Day’ – Loved the movie though… so don’t know if I should read the book. What are your thoughts?

  2. Cute! I love it! What’s more impressive is that you had all of this stuff (to include a sombrero) on hand! Looking for advice on the book… I have seen of ‘love’ as well as ‘hate’ for the book… would you recommend reading it, after having seen the movie?

    • DEFINITELY read the book. It’s one of my favorites. If you’ve seen the movie, then obviously the ending won’t surprise you. I cried for HOURS when I read it. I was in complete shock. I absolutely love love love the book still though. I reviewed in the blog too if you’re interested!

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