Todd’s Review of Ghost Trackers by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson + GIVEAWAY

Ghost TrackersWhat do you think of when you think of high school reunions?  Bad music, bad food, and hazy memories blurred by alcohol?  Well, what if instead of these things you get to encounter mind-altering illusions that you have no control over?  Such is the case for Amber, Drew, and Trevor, the main characters in Hawes and Wilson’s fictitious tale of paranormal terror and mystery, Ghost Trackers.

We open the book by being introduced to Amber, Drew, and Trevor, three friends that have been reunited after many years through their 15 year high school reunion.  Amber convinces the two men to attend the reunion after speaking with their old pseudo friend Greg, who hung around the fringes of their friendship during their high school years.  Surprised to hear from him, Amber is taken aback by his suggestion to attend the reunion, but finds herself oddly compelled to make Drew and Trevor go.  Odd feelings are nothing new to Amber, however, as she suffers from persistent nightmares that lead her to placate her existence via prescription drugs.  Additionally, all three friends share another secret: they all have large portions of their memories from high school missing.  Amateur ghost hunters at the time, they spent much of their time chasing down tales of the paranormal.  Their most spectacular case involved a local home that was long rumored to be filled with negative energy.  When the three were younger, the man living there killed his wife and two children in a night of delusional horror.  Many years later when they were in high school, they entered the house to investigate the suspected hauntings, yet all they remembered was ending up on the front lawn with minor burns as the home burned to the ground in front of them.  Now, as they attend the reunion weekend and attempt to piece together their pasts, they are shocked to find themselves at the scenes of two deaths of their classmates.  Who will wind up dead next?  Is there something more to Greg?  Will they ever get their memories back?

As a disclaimer I have to say I’m not all that familiar with the paranormal and the genre that surrounds it, but I did find this book both interesting and enlightening.  I’ve never really had an opinion of the subject of ghosts; that is to say that I’ve always thought that they could exist, but I had yet to see one or definitively know that one was there.  The closest I’ve been was in my old apartment, before I moved in with Kim, that definitely had something odd going on.  I used to catch odd motions out of the corner of my eye when I was alone, and I often felt a chill in the bathroom when I was doing laundry.  As a man of science myself, I didn’t jump to conclusions.  I prefer hard evidence and data over conjecture.  However, that aside, I learned a bit about how paranormal activities work with this story.  You can tell that the writers have years of experience in investigating these matters, and they draw on this experience to create a good story.  Despite this, I sometimes felt that the plot dragged slightly.  I felt at times that the authors attempted to mold the story around a defined set of psychotic states that the different characters experience.  These psychotic states were amazingly well written, and they made my hair stand on end.  However, the bridging plot between these series sometimes seemed a bit thin and not as well written as the smaller sub-stories.

Apart from this detraction, I have to commend the authors on a great job creativity-wise.  The idea of psychotic mind control is not new, yet they put a fresh spin on the tale that made it seem real, like it could happen to any vulnerable person out to enjoy their 15th high school reunion.  The crisp details of the delusions and the crazed actions of the characters in them definitely drew me in.  If you enjoy a good paranormal tale that will leave you doubting your own imagination, look no further than this book!

3 out of 5 Stars

Ghost Trackers by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson
Gallery Books (2011)
Paperback 384 pages
ISBN: 9781451613810
Special thanks to Melissa at Gallery Books for sending over my review copy!

One lucky winner will have the opportunity to win a  copy of Ghost Trackers by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  For your chance to win simply leave a comment in the thread below.  Comments will be accepted through midnight of Tuesday, November 29, 2011.  Winner will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday, November 30, 2011.  Giveaway open to residents of US and Canada only.  Good luck!

118 thoughts on “Todd’s Review of Ghost Trackers by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson + GIVEAWAY

  1. Thank you for the great book review. We had a great time writing this book and look forward to doing many more.
    This book has been doing incredible and I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy it.

    Jason Hawes

  2. I look forward to reading this book. I love the show and watch every week, even the repeats get recorded in my house and yes they do get watched. Just in case I missed something the first time around!!! I hope that Amazon has it available for its Kindle and Kindle Fire……heading there now to look for it.


  3. I never miss the show because I love to see the investigators reactions! I do wonder sometimes if some of the noises are the cameramen following them though?

  4. It sounds like a great book, can’t wait to read it! I am a loyal fan of GH and think that Jason and Grant are awesome. I like the fact that they really try to debunk stuff rather than just say everything is paranormal.

  5. yes so many ghost so little time i have days where i think i am impatient to get to that world but at the same time i know i have responibles here and i know when it’s my turn to cross i will be ready to haunt my sons LMAO

  6. Having watched these guys for many years and seeing their greatness come from small beginnings it is no wonder they are the best. I never tire of their show and this is the only team I trust. This book is just one more example of how awesome they are. Love you guys!

  7. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.are very experienced in the paranormal field and I never miss an episode of their TV show Ghost Hunters on the Syfy network. They never sensationalize they just tell it like it is, good or bad. That honesty is what makes their show so great for me. They put that same experience and that same honesty into their books as well. Their childrens books are wonderful to. I look forward to more great works by these two great guys.

  8. Wow, I had no idea you guys were working on a book. It should be very interesting in deed! You both have years of personal experiences to draw from creatively in the field. Good luck to you both πŸ™‚

  9. I love Jason and Grant and watch their show all the time. I had no idea that story line of the book. Thank you very much for the review! I would love to win their book as well!

  10. I love the paranormal genre. I haven’t read this book yet, but I love the other books that Jason and Grant have come out with. This book would be a great way to get my children more interested in reading!

  11. I have wanted to read this book for a while and am so glad to hear you enjoyed it. Hopefully I will either win a copy here or get a copy for Christmas.

  12. Have lots of respect for the taps team. Very professional and never jumps to conclusions. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in the world of fiction!

  13. I’m actually looking forward to reading this book. It’s been a longtime since I’ve read a good bone-chilling book. However, I am concerned that having a third author helping co-write the book may not be able to fully expose the deep personal experiences that help shape Grant and Jason’s personalities. I respect Grant and Jason for being genuine people who truly want to help us understand the paranormal a little more fully, and am excited to give them the chance through a good read. Good luck with the book guys!

  14. I love ghost hunters. I did a show at the central terminal. That is the place gh did there live halloween show. I took my kids well let me say they don’t like it. Lol

  15. I thought this book was a young adult novel so I didn’t really give it much of a look even though I’ve read Jason and Grants other work and am an avid Ghosthunters fan. Think I’ll give it a read (winning one wouldn’t hurt).

  16. After reading this review I am really looking forward to reading this book. I am an avid Ghost Hunters fan and cannot wait to read what possibly goes through the minds of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

  17. I have been a loyal Ghost Hunters fan, from the get-go…Never miss a episode. I have passed on my enthusasium to my granddaughter, now we spend our time watching Ghost Hunters together.. I would love to win this for her.

  18. Wonderful Review! Especially when you added your personal experience. I have other books by them, that I have read a couple of times and I love each and everyone. I watch their shows every week as well as GHI if I’m not able to watch it’s on record. I even got my nieces into watching GH & GHI and now they are reading the books. If I win it here I’m definitely going to get a copy. Keep up the great work and can’t wait for a new book & episode

  19. Sounds like a great book! Would love for a chance to win it, but who wouldn’t! πŸ™‚ I have recently started doing investigations myself with a few of my friends. It’s alot of fun and a good thrill! Hope everyone enjoys there thanksgiving!

  20. I absolutely LOVE Jason & Grant! I had no idea they wrote a fiction book…. I am looking forward to reading it! I can only imagine what it hold since both men are well versed in the paranormal!!!!! πŸ™‚ Guess what I’m asking my boyfriend for Christmas (unless I win the giveaway!!!)

  21. I Love Thriller’s, Ghost Stories, and basically all book’s dealing with them!! And a book that will actually catch the eye of a True Skeptic of the Paranormal and make him start to wonder and would make him start thinking what if while making his hair stand up and give him goosebumps reading it is making me want to read it that much worse!! It’s truly gonna be an Awesome book, and I can’t wait to be able to have the pleasure in reading it!! Especially since it’s coming from the Ghost Hunters, even though it is a fictional book, they give the perfect vibe to be able to make even the Fictional Paranormal Stories become Real in your mind!! So I’m definitely awaiting as patiently as I can to read this book and I hope that Jason and Grant keeps on writing these amazing books, True Stories and Fictional, and possibly in the future maybe getting with the rest of the Ghost Hunters Crew to write a Ghost Story, maybe even a series of Ghost Hunting Adventures!! That would just be amazing to see written, and it would take on a whole new level of Paranormal Stories and something that us fans will go crazy over!! So I’d love to win a copy of this book so I could start to read it more sooner then later, it’s kind of hard to go out and purchase a copy when you’re disabled and on disability and trying to raise a 7 year old and pay what bills I have to on a set income that leaves me to where I just barely make it!! It will give me something to do because of health problem’s that leaves me in full bed rest for the most part I’m not able to do much at all!!

  22. I LOVE Ghost Hunters!!! Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week because of Ghost Hunters! We watch any and all episodes, even the reruns!! I hate it when Syfy does a Ghost Hunters marathon because I have up til now had to miss it but from here on out I will be able to tape it and watch and rewatch the marathons!! WOOHOO! I will probably not win the book but this and their other books are going on my Christmas list for sure! Keep up the great work and great review especially by someone who does not watch the show!!

  23. I love your show. It is by far the best ghost hunting show out there . Thanks for all you. I look forward to reading your new novel. It sounds exactly like the type of book I enjoy reading. I’d love to be the one you choose to give your book to. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  24. Love your show! Hope I win!!
    I’m sure our ‘shadow man’ will love it!! LOL!
    But no kidding, we do have a shadow man.
    Personally I’ve seen him twice now. Only
    our man doesn’t seem dangerous. He
    only looks at you.

  25. I would love to win a copy of this book! I truly enjoy all of your shows and watch them faithfully! It was great to see you when you were in St Louis at the home show! would love to see you again, and see you visit more of the St Louis haunts. Great team!

  26. Had no idea Jason and Grant had written another book. Not a big fan of fiction, but am a HUGE fan of “Ghost Hunters” and avid researcher of all things paranormal. Will def have to read!

    Btw, You ARE going to take J’s comment out of the drawing, aren’t you??? I don’t want anything to interfere in my chances at winning something free πŸ˜‰

  27. I knew I wanted to read the book. But after reading the review…..I must have it! And to possibly get it free! That’s like having my cake And eating it too lol thanks guys.

  28. I was unaware that Jason and Grant had written a novel together. I am a fan of their work and previous books they have collaborated on, and now I can’t wait to read this!!

  29. I’m looking forward to reading this one. I love books about the paranormal and have been a huge fan of Ghost Hunters and GHI for a few years now. I consider them to be the two best paranormal shows on t.v. because those teams take so much care to try to debunk and use science to explore and explain phenomena they encounter.


  31. Love the books that Grant and Jason publish. They have revolutionized ghost hunting and look for rational reasons rather than jumping to conclusions. That is most refreshing when you consider the alternatives out there.

    Rock on, Grant and Jason, and keep up the great work!

  32. Would love to read your book! I love the horror/paranormal genre. If I don’t win it….I’ll buy it! You guys are awesome and alot classier than others in your field. Love ya both and good luck with the books! πŸ™‚

  33. I’ve met Jason and Grant several times. They are as cool in person as they are on TV. I wish them continued success in everything they do! The first books were amazing!

  34. This sounds like a book that will never allow me to sleep unless I read it as soon as I get it. πŸ˜€ Even if I don’t win it I’m going to have to hunt it down and buy it. Kudos to Grant and Jason on their many successes on tv and in books!

  35. We have watched your show from the very first one seen them all a dozen times each we are your biggest fans in vt. Would love a signed copy pleeaaassseeee!

  36. I have been following Jason and Grant from the beginning and hope it lasts forever, Their books are not on great material to read but very helpfull in starting my own investagiting in the community keep up the good work guys….

  37. I cant wait to read this, ^ have been watching taps from the beggining had a chance to meet you when you did the bowling alley in somerville ma. keep up the great investigating happy thanksgiving to the entire taps crew and the international team as well.

  38. I have read all the books they have written. I like them all. I can’t wait until I get the newest book! I like the sceincetific approach they take. Just because something goes bump in the night doesn’t mean there is a ghost there. Difference is they look at all sides of the story then come to a conclusion.

  39. I have watched Jason and Grant in Ghost Hunters from the very beginning many years ago and have enjoyed it. They are very good at what they do. I would love to read the new book Jason and Grant have written. Now J & G have a new talent I can enjoy.

  40. I would love to win your book. I read your other two books and learned alot about the two of you. Thoroughly enjoy ghost hunters and have watched you way back when your office was that small trailer. In the future my daughter and I want to visit your beautiful inn.thanks for all you do. Now im going back to watching. Its Wednesday you know.

  41. Did not know that they were writing another book.It is now on my list.I think that my teenage niece will like this too. Thanks

  42. I’d love to read this! If I weren’t in such bad shape (walking with a cane, etc.) I’d be out there ghost hunting myself. Guess you could say I’m one of many who live thru Grant & Jason on Wed. nights.

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