Living With a Book Addict – Becoming a Real Book Addict?

Hi there everyone, and welcome back to another “Living With a Book Addict” post.  As you may have deduced by the lack of these types of posts, I’ve been quite busy reading ARC’s (Advanced Reading Copies) that Kim has received from publishing companies for me, as well as finishing up books that have been in my own little to-read pile.  I was quite excited when I got my first ARC (The Second Messiah by Glenn Meade), and have since gotten a few more that are quite interesting. (Keep your eye out for new reviews from me)  What I’ve come to find is that publishers are quite happy to get the word out about their publications, and are happy to send out these copies as long as we review them in turn.  Sounds like a good deal, right?  I certainly think so!  I am now surrounded by more books than I’ve ever been in my life (well, discounting our trips to The Strand, I guess…).  Therefore, it is with a humble hanging of my head that I must announce that I am becoming more and more like a book addict every day.  How can this be, you ask!?  Well, although I have written many a posting on the humors (and sometimes difficulties) of living with someone as dedicated to books as Kim is, it seems that I too have come under the spell of books and can’t resist their charm.


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