Check This Out – The Potter Games

Fans of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter listen up! If you have not yet heard of or played The Potter Games boy are you missing out!!  The Potter Games is an online “chose your own adventure” game that takes the characters from Harry Potter and thrusts them into the world of The Hunger Games.  Each character was written by members of both fandoms, and the authors really outdid themselves in their stories.  I even got to be a part of the creation of Neville!  Not only can you play as each character from the HP books, but new features are constantly being added.  You can be part of Team Neville or Team Luna and rally to rebel against the gamemakers, or you can begin your journey with your fellow Hogwarts students to find all the Horcruxes.  The brain behind the games was none other than friend of the blog, Adam Spunberg!  Fellow blog friend Sam Cushion was also involved in both the music for the game and the design of the website.  Bravo to you both!

Before you head off to go play, make sure you have lots of time to devote to it.  Once you play as one character you won’t be able to stop! Well, off you go, and may the wands be ever in your favor!


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