#47 Storm Born #1 by Richelle Mead (Dark Swan Comic Series)

Storm Born is a series of graphic novels, based on Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series, that follows the life of a freelance shaman named Eugenie Markham.  Eugenie fights to keep demons and elemental creatures of the mystical world out of our human world by fighting them using magic and brute strength. 

Going about her normal routine, Eugenie goes from client to client taking care of their supernatural problems, until one day a creature she is trying to vanquish calls her by her true name.  Realizing something is up she heads over to see her stepfather, a retired shaman, to see if he’s had any similar experiences during his active years.  She tells him that not only do these creatures know her name, but they’ve also made sexual innuendos and advances towards her.  They quickly deduce that not is all what it seems.  Her stepfather begs her to be careful and to keep an extra eye out for her safety.  Not wanting to stay at home that evening she heads out to a bar and meets a young good-looking veterinarian.  However, as we soon find out, the fast, easygoing relationship the two establish may hide something more sinister.  Will Eugenie discover the meaning behind her feelings for this young man?  Will she also figure out what all these creatures want with her before it’s too late?

As a fan of graphic novels I jumped at the chance to review Storm Born.  I thought the graphics were stellar and the detail was fantastic.  The coloring really pops off the page and you get a good understanding of the world that Eugenie lives in.  One of my biggest problems with graphic novels is that sometimes they become overly heavy on shadows and dark drawing, making it difficult for you to get pulled into the world the authors are trying to have you envision.  That wasn’t the case here at all, and I have to give props to the artist here.  The writing is definitely engaging and draws the reader in as well.  I’m tempted to go and pick up the book the graphic novels are based on so that I can find out the rest of the story!

While this issue doesn’t answer some of the questions above, it does leave you with an awesome cliffhanger, that sets up issue 2 perfectly.  Volume one of the series is due out this September, combining multiple issues from the comic book releases.  I definitely suggest this series for the more mature reader, as the last section of the issue gets hot and heavy.

4 out of 5 Stars 

Special thanks to Patrick over at Sea Lion Books for giving me an ARC copy to review and for answering all my stupid emails while he was trying to enjoy Comic Con!


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