Relay For Life

So as you can tell my blog has been a bit lacking in the past week, and here is my post for why that is!  Besides my regular full-time job, I volunteer for an event that the American Cancer Society puts on called Relay for Life.  My town (Hamden) and the town next to me (North Haven) join together every June to hold the Relay.  My involvement with the event is that I co-chair a committee of 9 people that plan the entire event from the ground up.  

This was my second year as a co-chair for the event, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it.  The other 9 individuals that have been part of the committee have been working tirelessly since October to put the event together.  For those unfamiliar with the event let me enlighten you!  It’s a 24 hour (yes, I truly mean 24 hours) walk to raise money for cancer. The 24 hours are filled with all kinds of activities such as Zumba, a chicken eating contest, trivia, karaoke, and so much more.  We hire food vendors to cook food for the participants all day, and we also plan an extra-special luncheon for our cancer survivors that are able to make it to the event.  Once night falls, we line the track with bags filled with either candles or glow sticks to light our way throughout the night.  Each bag has someone’s name written on it either in honor or memory of the loved-one stricken with cancer.  We continue to walk throughout the night until our event ends at closing ceremonies the next morning.

Most people ask me why I relay and I give everyone the same answer.  Cancer is an unfortunate disease that has touched my family far too often.  My grandfather died of colon cancer a week after my first birthday.  My uncle suffered from lung cancer and lost his battle in 2004.  My cousin Janet and her mother, my Aunt Marge, both lost their battles with colon cancer in their 40’s.  My Aunt Barbara thankfully survived melanoma and is a survivor 20+ years today.  Todd’s brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer back in 2006 and thankfully after 6 rounds of chemo is a survivor.  I have people in my family that are currently suffering from leukemia.  I’ve lost cousins to brain cancer and breast cancer, and lung cancer.  My list goes on and on, but you can clearly see that my reason for relaying is a strong one. 

Our event this year has so far raised $113,000.  I cannot even begin to express the gratitude I have for all of the teams that raised money this year.  Money is still rolling in, as the fiscal year for our relay doesn’t end until August, so our true total is still unknown.  I’m hoping that we raise more than we did last year.  (Our total last year ended around $119,000)

Hopefully my post has inspired you to want to join a Relay for Life event in your area or to get involved with the American Cancer Society.  With the event over, I do have some of my time back…..until planning the next relay starts up again!

Keep an eye out for some reviews this week and also a big announcement on Thursday!

Happy Reading….


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