Check This Out – Operation Paperback

My aunt Barbara recently told me about an amazing organization that she had recently heard about on TV.  After doing a little research, I knew it was something that I wanted to share with you guys.

Operation Paperback was started in 1999 as a way to send books to our soldiers stationed overseas.  Originally you could only send books to two countries: Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  Today you can send books all over the US and to 36 countries overseas.

Not only can you send books to soldiers and military hospitals through this non-profit, but you can help service members achieve professional goals by sending certain books, support military chaplains, help ground troops with books that help them with the locals, or supply children’s books for those soldiers who read to their children over the computer.

For those that are interested there are many ways to help.  For starters, check out Operation Paperback’s website here.  What’s amazing about this organization is it allows you to ship books directly to the troops yourself.  The process allows you to write a note to the service person that you’re helping, making the donation more personal.

I do hope that you’ll check out this organization and send some books to very worthy candidates.  If you chose to donate books please come back and tell us about your experience!

(For those with Twitter accounts, you can follow Operation Paperback here)


3 thoughts on “Check This Out – Operation Paperback

  1. Thanks for pointing out this website! What a wonderful opportunity to let the troops overseas know we are STILL thinking of them (which I think they need to know!).

  2. I love this idea – thanks for sharing. So many of the servicemen and women I know would be thrilled to receive books to read. I will definitely be passing this information along.

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