(Not) Living With a Book Addict

Hello there fellow readers.  Kim is visiting friends at the Cape this weekend so I’m here to provide another installment of “Living With a Book Addict”.  As you may have guessed by the title, I’m be chronicling the phenomenon of being alone in our apartment for the weekend.  As some of you who have been in long-term relationships know, time apart from your partner can be both good and bad.  It’s healthy in the fact that it allows you both to have time to hang out with friends and do activities that are more suited to a group of guys or girls (i.e. girls night out, guys night out).  However, it also highlights the fact that as a partnership, you work best together, and it makes you realize that you are one half of a whole.  It’s an important way to view one’s relationship from “outside” so to speak, as you can gauge the impact that not being with the other part of your relationship has on your own well-being and feelings.  But, enough with the analytics, here are some of my more astute observations sans my better half.

Firstly, I don’t know what it is about Kim not being here, but it drives the cats crazy.  As you may already know, we have two cats: Belle and Sebastian.  Sebastian, although the smaller of the two, is on crack.  He never stops running, jumping, eating random objects, etc.  Although apparently because Kim isn’t here, they must sense something is up.  Last night at the wee hour of 4:30 AM, both Belle and Sebastian were trying their mightiest to wake me up.  Knocking over pictures on our dresser, walking all over me, and in general meowing loud enough to wake the neighbors.  Of course, they do this regularly to wake me up, but for some reason since Kim isn’t here they decided to do it earlier and with more gusto.  Maybe they figure they can get away with it because she’s gone?

Also,  I now know for certain that I am exceedingly lazy.  Unshaved, I woke up yesterday at 10, which is pretty late, and puttered around for a while before doing anything of consequence.  I did run yesterday (1.5 whole miles!), which is something I haven’t done in years, and that basically did me in for the rest of the day.  I now realize the effect Kim has on my calendar and motivation as a whole.  As some of you know, she loves calendars, she happens to have three going continuously (the blog, work, and our regular events), and she is definitely the one that keeps us scheduled and on time.  Without her, I’d probably start resembling Joaquin Phoenix of late.

Finally, I’ve just begun to notice a lot of little things that I miss without her here.  Instead of waking up with her next to me, I have Sebastian staring at me crying for food.  Instead of having someone to talk to about my day and what I’m feeling, I end up talking to the cats as if they could hold an intelligent conversation with me.  In short, all the things that Kim does for our relationship and in general having another person there to lean on, share your feelings with, and laugh with, are readily apparent.  I definitely miss her.  I don’t mean to get overly gushy, but I think it’s definitely been an interesting experience during our time apart.  Now, I must bid you all adieu as I believe Sebastian has knocked something over in the dining room.  Until next time, happy reading!


One thought on “(Not) Living With a Book Addict

  1. I knew there was a reason why I had ESPECIALLY marked this post as “MUST BE READ” – this is such a sweet post, Todd. Yes, we book addicts tend to bring more books into our household than is healthy, by ANY means…but we also bring warmth and love! 🙂 I’m not surprised you missed Kimberly while she was gone…I’ve never met her and I miss her when I don’t see her tweets,or her posts – although, yes, I know that your longing for her cannot be compared to mine. But she’s back now, and yay for that. You and I, we’re kin-folk Todd, interminably lazy …maybe I should also have Kimberly manage a calendar for me! Okay, I am sure this is sending Kimberly into a cold sweat, so I’ll desist from writing further…thank you for this amazing and insightful post 🙂

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