Adam’s Film Friday – A Review of The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm is a fantasy fairy tale movie following Will (Matt Damon) and Jake (Heath Ledger) Grimm, also known as the Brothers Grimm, as they swindle townsfolk into thinking they can defeat spells, witches, warlocks, etc.  Their scheme works until they are arrested by Cavaldi (Peter Stormare) and Delatombe (Jonathan Pryce).  The punishment that befalls them is they are made to expel an actual witch that is haunting the small village of Marbaden. With the help of a local girl Angelika (Lena Heady), the Brother’s go on an adventure, one that gives them many ideas which would later become their most famous stories.

First let me start off the review with one of the things I enjoyed about this movie: it’s visually appealing. Director Terry Gilliam is very skillful when it comes to making the film stunning to the viewer’s eyes. The special effects and the editing were top-notch. They really bought the land of make-believe to life and took the viewer to a place they had never been to before. Although the story takes place in what is present-day Germany, the way the filmmakers presented it to the viewer was that it was a land that didn’t exist. The characters and the story were so different that the whole thing looked like it took place in another world.

 Another thing that was intriguing to me as I was watching the film was counting the number of references to fairy tales that the actual Brother’s Grimm wrote there were.  Since the film is not a biography of the actual Brother’s Grimm, the filmmakers were able to change-up as much as they wanted and make the story as outlandish as they wanted too.

It was really fascinating to see how the director Terry Gilliam and the writer Ehren Kruger were able to make a twist on the writers of the fairy tales and not the fairy tales themselves. The story is complete fiction, but the back-story of Jake being obsessed with Magic Beans and of stories that were made up in the imagination was really interesting and different.  

The concept of the film was completely original, but sadly I did not like it. I thought it was very over the top and not in a good way.  It also dragged a little and was rather boring at times. At times it seemed like a jumble of ideas, special effects, and other miscellaneous movie making aspects that never really came together. It was very choppy at parts and ultimately an unpleasant movie experience for me.  Like always I’ll end my review with a question, what do you think influences a story-teller? This movie will make you ponder that question until the end of time.

2 out of 5 Stars

The Brothers Grimm
Dimension Films (2005)
PG-13, 118 Minutes
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