Round-Up Time!

Hello 2011! (Even though we’re 25 days into it!) I know this is super delayed, but I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a great New Years! 

Todd and I split our Christmas holiday between both of our families.  We had a wonderful time at Todd’s parents house for Christmas Eve.  Todd’s sister came home from her semester in Spain and we celebrated Todd’s dad’s birthday.  Christmas Eve night we opened presents with my family and then on Christmas morning headed to my cousin Debbie’s house.  We got some amazing gifts for Christmas! Todd’s mom knows how much I love books and got me the entire Pemberley Chronicles series by Rebecca Ann Collins!! Todd got some great grains and new tools for his beer brewing hobby.  Our most surprising gift however was a Mediterranean cruise through Spain and Italy!! Todd and I are leaving with my sister and her fiancée Jason at the end of May and come back June 5th.  We’re super pumped as neither of us has left the US (besides Canada).  All in all it was a fabulous Christmas.

New Years came and went in a flash and with it the start of a new year of reading challenges.  As you’ve been able to tell from some of my previous posts you know that I”m involved in 5 reading challenges beyond my challenge to read 100 books.  I’m keeping up with my reading thankfully.  I need to keep pace with 8 books a month.  Seems like a small amount but it gets difficult with the schedule I’ve been keeping!

Random days have been filled with taking down Christmas decorations, relay planning, birthday celebrations,vet visits, helping Todd prep for his first semester taking night graduate courses, ect.  These first few weeks have definitely been filled with chaos.

Todd’s company started their weekly bowling league and we’ve both joined! It’s a ton of fun and we get to hang out with all of Todd’s co-workers for a beer and some bowling.  It’s a great starter for the weekend! 

We’ve also been traveling back and forth to New Jersey a lot!  We drove down to Jersey to tile the backsplash in my parents kitchen.  It came out awesome.  Todd and my mom did a fantastic job on the backsplash.  It looks amazing.  Kudos to the two of them for a job well done. (They are already planning their next project together)

This past weekend my entire family headed into NYC to Vino for a wine tasting course.  My sister and Jason gave everyone in the family a wine tasting course as their Christmas present.  It was awesome!! We got to try seven different types of Italian wine and learn about Italy and the wine making process.  (It definitely psyched Todd and I for our Italy trip)  After the wine tasting we headed back to my sisters apartment and stayed overnight with them.  We headed to Todd’s parents house for brunch Sunday morning, only to rush back to CT to so we could get our wedding album!! Todd and I met with our photographers Bryan Avigne (if you are getting married please use him) and Christina for a nice italian dinner.  It was delicious!  We are in LOVE with our album.  It’s absolutely perfect!!

Besides being sick (literally) and sick of all the snow we’ve been getting  I’ve been keeping busy with reading and writing! Six books in so far this month and 2 more to go to be on target.  I’m happy with the progress I’m making – I have tons of books to read that are definitely keeping me going. Definitely keep checking back in on the blog as I have some interesting stuff that will be going on in February. 

As always — Happy Reading!


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