Switching to the “dark side”

Seems to me, the one thing us book lovers love just as much as the actual books is the place in which we experience them for the first time. About a month ago, I guest blogged with a piece about my undying love for bookstores. (You can read my post here)  Since then, I have noticed that almost every guest blogger on this site, as well as the literary genius, book reading priestess Kim herself, has mentioned or written on the calming, inclusive, and warm feeling we all get some going to the bookstore. That being said…I am going to reveal a SHOCKING revelation…I got a NOOK!

Yes, me, the girl who loves to wander around the store aimlessly and hum along to bookstore music has purchased a device that puts a chasm between me and my love ! How did such a thing happen you may ask? Well, I started thinking forward. I started thinking differently.

When I first heard about e-readers, I was really, and truly against the idea. What’s wrong with a book? Was there a particular portability issue with a soft cover? How could anyone truly enjoy reading a book when they can’t enjoy the simple accomplishment of turning a physical page? I really thought about that for a long time. Then I realized that the Nook as well as other e-readers such as the Kindle are made for people like me…the avid book enthusiast. I’ll be honest, it took a while for me to evolve my thinking to the point t hat I actually own one and have officially finished my first downloaded book, but I think there is a little more merit in the idea than one would think.

I like the idea of having the bookstore at my fingertips. While I love sitting in the leather chairs or in the aisles of the Barnes and Noble…I also enjoy laying in my bed or sitting on my couch and browsing the entire library on my little e-reader. Just as I do in the store, I choose some books at random and others at suggestion. I read the back of the book and take a peak inside. Then, without having to stand in line and being tempted by the little chocolate balls at the checkout counter, I purchase my book and get reading without even having to wait the extra half hour to drive home first. I still get to turn the pages, but instead of feeling the pages fill heavier from right to left, I watch the little bar at the bottom of my text to tell me how far along I am. Reading my first book on my Nook was actually very pleasant. In fact, this is my official declaration of my acceptance of the e-reader!

Don’t get me wrong, I will still frequent the book store and will always continue to buy physical books. There is nothing like turning an actual page, and displaying finished books on the shelf, but I do believe that the e-readers bring a great deal of convenience to those of use who enjoy diving in to a good read at any time. While I may have crossed over to what some reading naturalists feel is the “dark side” of the literary world, I do make this promise….I will always make time to visit my favorite book store and pick up a good read. Sometimes, you just have to mix it up!


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