The Weekly Roundup – Week 6

WOW. It has been a very hectic few weeks.  I want to start off by saying unfortunately I will not be able to complete my 100 book challenge this year.  It’s December 11th and I have not completed a single book yet for December.  Life has gotten absolutely crazy this month with the holiday’s and everything else.  (More in a minute) Yes I’m disappointed, but hell I’m so freaking proud of the 81 I’ve completed for the year so far.  I’ve already begun compiling the book piles to begin again January 1st.  I’m going to keep reading up to the 31st though, so I know my total will be higher than 81 for the year.  (Keep checking the blog for reviews!!)

Lets go back to the beginning of December.  On the 2nd I had the holiday cocktail hour that I planned for my job.  We had cocktails and appetizers at this restaurant near where we work in North Haven. It was a great time! The members of our office in DC came and I got to see my buddy Scott! (Scott is the one that leaves funny comments on all my blog posts) He tried to keep up with me, but my Irish drinking skills were no match for his weak Canadian ones. 

Friday was back to work and then some errands and Christmas shopping after work.  Todd went to a concert with his friends from work while I hung out at home with Janette and Adam.  Adam and I watched a French film, La Vie En Rose.  I had previously started watching it a long time ago and never got to see the ending, so we decided why not try again.  We both LOVED it.  Fantastic film – Marion Cotillard was stunning, definitely worthy of the Academy Award she won for the film. 

Saturday morning we were up early to go get some Christmas shopping done.  We hit up tons of stores and got a lot accomplished thankfully.  (We got to go to Barnes and Noble and I got an early Christmas present from my wonderful husband – this) From what I’ve read so far it’s fantastic.  We also had to hit up the Sprint store again, due to my new phone crapping out.  After trying to fix it and all that jazz they tell me that the phone is not a great one, that the woman who sold me the phone lied in her promises of what it could do, and told me that I could swap for a new phone, but that I’d have to pay the difference.  I weighed my options and realized if I’m going to have to live with this phone for 2 years I would much rather have something that works and is something I can go grow with.  I said goodbye to my Samsung Intercept and said hello to the Samsung Epic.  4G baby!  My new phone works like magic and is the bomb.  Since angry birds finally works on my phone now I’ve started a competition with Todd.  We’re trying to see who can beat the game first.  (I think I’m winning right now)  For those of you who are totally confused at what angry birds is, I encourage you to check it out.  It’s so much fun.  Once we got back from errands we headed off to our friend Jess’ house for her birthday party.  All I have to say about that evening is do NOT buy chocolate liquor whip cream.  The stuff is nastyyyyyyy and way strong. It does create some hysterical laughs though!  After an eventful evening with so much laughter our stomachs hurt, we headed home for a good night sleep. 

Sunday was pretty basic stuff – I wrapped Christmas presents, finished the holiday decorating, and started sealing all the windows in the apartment.  I can’t even express to you how much warmer the apt is now that the windows are sealed.  It’s fantastic.  We also got to have lunch with Adam and his brother Robbie, which was a nice break in the day.

Back to work on Monday for another busy week.  Tuesday evening I had to meet with Kristen, the American Cancer Society representative that oversees our Relay for Life Event.  We’ve had some issues in obtaining a space for our event this year due to scheduling conflicts with our usual location.  My alma mater, Quinnipiac University, has been having our event on their campus for over 5 years now.  This year they decided to switch homecoming weekend to that weekend in June and therefore cannot accommodate our event on top of everything else.  We went back to the drawing board and have put in applications to use Hamden High School instead.  Kristen, MK (another ACS rep), and I all headed to a board of education committee meeting Tuesday night to make our case to use Hamden.  They heard our plea and approved it, so now it’s on to the main Board of Ed to approve the use.  We were totally pumped that they moved it to the next level of approvals, as it gives us hope that our event will still continue this year. 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week I was not feeling so hot. I was losing my voice, had a super sore throat, and was just exhausted from being sick, hence the lack of reading.  When I got home from the meeting Tuesday night I was just tired and wanted to go to sleep, but I had wedding thank you’s to finish.  We wrote a TON of them Tuesday night and sent them all off on Wednesday.  Our Christmas cards finally came in on Wednesday so I was writing those as Todd wrote some more wedding thank you’s. 

Bridal Party at the Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday Todd and I hit up the mall to go get him a pair of pants to wear to the wedding we were headed to the next night. (We think the dry cleaners lost his suit pants when I brought his suit to be cleaned after our wedding rehearsal dinner) After much searching we found a pair that matched his suit jacket and were about to leave when we saw an awesome hat that I had to have.  I HATE winter, but I absolutely LOVE winter accessories.  Armed with a new hat and gloves (and Todd’s new pants) we left the mall to come home and write some more thank you’s. 

Chris and Ashley

Friday Todd and I both took half days off of work so that we could make it down to Long Island in time for Ashley and Chris’s wedding.  Everything was stunning.  Ashley looked BEAUTIFUL in her dress and Chris so suave in his tux.  They had a live band called Drop Dead Sexy perform and they were so much fun.  We literally danced the WHOLE night.  My feet hurt so much after leaving the wedding.  The food was delicious and Ashley and Chris were so happy with the way everything turned out.  Todd and I were so happy we were able to be there and share in their special day.  Big shout out to Ashley and Chris – thanks for an awesome time and again, Congratulations!!! 

Saturday morning we all woke up from the wedding exhausted but in great spirits and headed down to breakfast.  After scarfing down some chocolate milk and half a bagel it was back up to the hotel room with Marc, Kate, Rachel, and Todd to finish packing.  We all said our goodbyes and Todd and I headed back up to Connecticut.  It’s around 3:30 now and we’re off to our friends Greg and Ashley’s housewarming party! Tonight we’re supposed to head out for karaoke to celebrate our friend Tracey’s job promotion!!

As you can see life has gotten super hectic in the past few weeks.  It’s going to get even busier with the holidays only two weeks away!  Todd and I are headed to Newport this weekend with my sister Christine and her fiancée Jason, to celebrate Jason’s 29th birthday! (Man are you getting old Jason)  With the internet issues we were having I haven’t had an opportunity to post the review I did for the Anne Frank graphic novel I read.  I promise to get it up here ASAP. 

I said earlier in my post that I’m preparing to get my list ready for what I want to read for 2011.  If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment box below.  I am open for trying almost anything, so don’t feel shy if it’s a type of book I haven’t reviewed on here previously. 

Thanks for sticking with me and the blog for this hectic time.  I really do appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to read my words and thoughts.  I’m looking forward to a very big 2011 and an accomplished list of 100 books!!! I have some cool ideas for some new blog posts to take me through the rest of December so make sure you keep checking back here. 

As always,

Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “The Weekly Roundup – Week 6

  1. 1) I LOVE the shoutout, thanks for the baby pin/Party with Barty/promotion celebration 🙂

    2) I didn’t realize I’d get a thorough update of the Relay meeting in this post but I’m glad I did, thanks again for handling that. Let’s get these people and get our venue nailed down!

    3) Did you ever read “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime”? If not, definitely add it to your 2011 list.

  2. Kimberly (A.K.A Kiminski, Jersey Girl), organized our company Christmas party this year and literally threw down (and not up) the drinking gauntlet; one where I am many others could not keep up with. This Irish Jersey Las has a wooden leg.

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