So what went from a quiet day of reading yesterday, turned into slight mayhem.  Todd and I went into the basement of our apartment building to go do some laundry.  We have a storage unit down there where we keep our bikes, Christmas decorations, tent/chairs for relay, etc. We went to open the storage unit to get out the detergent when we noticed that the hinges on the door had been unscrewed and that the door popped open from the bottom, giving everyone access to our stuff. Our double locks on the opposite side were basically rendered useless.  We finally got the door open to find out that my bike and all of Todd’s car supplies had been stolen! We called the police and our management office to file reports.  Todd and I both realized we were not going to get my bike back but wanted to make sure if anything funky was going on in our building that we alerted the proper people. We did however find all of Todd’s car supplies in a storage unit a few doors away from ours.

It was really frustrating and upsetting to know that somebody had been through our stuff and was getting away with it.  I got sad and vegged out on the couch and watched some TV for a bit while Todd, with the help of Adam, repaired our storage unit door. It’s honestly a horrible feeling knowing that your things have been gone through.  It feels violating.  I’m ok that the only thing that got taken was a bike, I know people have had much worse experiences, but it’s violating  nonetheless.  The only good thing to come out of this was I couldn’t really sleep because my brain was focused on what happened.  This allowed me some uninterrupted reading time in bed.  I read for about an hour, got through a little over 120 pages of one of my books and finally started getting sleepy.

Waking up today I was in a much better mood, eagerly awaiting 4:45pm when I will be back in my apt cooking Todd dinner, then curling up with him to read a book.  Todd is currently engrossed in Under the Dome and has been for a few weeks.  (The book is over 1,200 pages I believe) 

Fall/winter is my favorite time for reading.  The cold outside makes me want to just stay in with my little space heater next to me and just read read read.  Thankfully the cold makes Todd feel the same way. I’m really lucky to have found someone like Todd who allows me to freely be obsessed with reading.  We find it an enjoyable thing to do together.  Todd has recently gotten into brewing his own beer and as such has been buying lots of books on home brewing.  It’s nice that he’s found a way to take something I enjoy (reading) and let it mesh into another passion he has (brewing) so that we share time together. 

Note: Todd has agreed to write a series for my blog called “Living with a Book Addict”.  Look for it sometime next week.  I’m sure it will be chock full of laughs about my book obsession.

Happy Reading!


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