How did I get here?

Firstly if you’re reading this, let me start off by saying – Thanks! I’ve always wanted to write, but never thought I had a strong enough skill to do any writing seriously.  I have on the other hand always been a strong reader.  Almost a year ago I was directed to a website  I think it might be my favorite thing ever.  For the OCD part of myself I can catalog all of the books I read, as well as discuss them with other book junkies like myself. I contacted all my friends and was like hey! Let’s do a book club!  We’re all college graduates and it would be something to keep our brains stimulated.  I got some positive feedback and started a group on there for us to all discuss in.  I started off doing the one book a month for our group and reading a few more on the sides.  Life got slightly hectic though as I was planning my wedding to Todd for this past August and also co-chairing a 24hr American Cancer Society charity event called Relay for Life.  Time for reading was very minimal and soon non-existent as Relay and my wedding drew closer.  It has now been 2 months since my wedding

Todd and I after our ceremony

 and around 4 months since Relay and I’ve been able to kick my reading addiction back into high gear.

I am still trying to accomplish my 100 books for 2010 and have reached 64 as of today.  If I don’t reach 100 by the end of December I will be disappointed, but my resolve to complete the challenge for 2011 will be that much stronger. 

The fantastic committee behind the Relay I co-chaired

In the next few months I’ll be posting of my progress for the 100 book challenge I’ve already got going, and also about my reflections on by book addiction.  (By book addiction I mean going to Barnes and Noble like every other day to get more books)  I’m going to begin posting some titles I’ve chosen for the 2011 challenge, as well as reviews for the books I’m finishing up now.  I ask that you bear with me over the next month or so, as I get the blog going.  Its super plain right now, but that will all change as I start prettying it up. 

I’m excited for those of you who have chosen to take this journey with me.  In the very least I hope I can inspire some of you to read more, and to encourage those around you to read.  It’s so important to share the magic that books can import on your life. I hope I can spread the seed of reading to each and every one of you, as it was passed on to me.  Good luck and happy reading!


17 thoughts on “How did I get here?

    • It’s not really a skill! Reading is enjoyable when you find the right group of books that fits for you. It’s also about setting time to read each day. When you make reading important enough to fit even a half hour in your schedule everyday it will really do wonders for your pace. The more you read the faster you’ll get.

  1. kimberly, i’m super proud of you.. way to be proactive!! 🙂 this works out fantastically.. i can use your book reviews as a cheat sheet to determine which i should read. haha thank youu!

    • Ms. Jeffers thanks so much for visiting the site! I’m waiting for my copy of Phantom of Pemberley to come in. Once I read it I’ll definitely write up a review and post it! (If it’s anything like the other books I’ve read, I’m sure I’ll love it!

      Any plans to write more about Captain Wentworth?

  2. I am so so envious of Kim and anyone who can be so dedicated to reading. We always read as young girls but somehow got out of the habit and regrettably so. I’m making a promise to Kim that I will read one book before the end of the month. Not a novel, but a book.

    • That is an excellent goal to start with. Keep it up and keep us all apprised of your progress. If I can encourage anyone to pick up even 1 book I’ll consider the blog successful.

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